How It Works


Pay by the hour with a credit Card or Member card.


Store equipment and extra belongings.


An electronic lock system that secures items 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SnowGate?

An outdoor, intelligent locker system, designed to prevent equipment theft.

How much does it cost?

The planned pricing is $2/hr. between the hours of 9am-3:30pm. Overnight storage is $6, between the hours of 3:30pm-9am.

Is it durable in negative conditions?

Yes. We have worked with our manufacturers, Kiosk Information Systems, to ensure the quality of our product and service.

Where can I find SnowGate?

We will be announcing our partner locations soon. Stay tuned!

"I bring a backpack and extra gear while I'm up skiing. My feet get really sore from skiing all day, which is why I like to bring a pair of extra shoes to slip on after my last run of the day. I used snowgate to store all of my extra gear so I didn't lug around my gear to the hotel. My feet are very thankful!"

Jeff Davis
"I got a brand new snowboard for Christmas; one day my friends and I decided to grab a quick lunch on the mountain. I set my snowboard on the resort racks just like everyone else, knowing I was only going to be gone for 20 minutes. When I came back, my snowboard was missing. After looking around for an hour and contacting resort security I was left snowboard-less, frustrated and angry."

Dany Warman
"There are moments throughout the day when I need to take my children to the bathroom or take a break for a snack. Finding their rental skis and poles at the base can be the most complicated process. You wouldn't imagine how similar rental equipment looks. SnowGate allows me to spot their equipment right away, and store all of their stuff in one place so we can enjoy a less-stressful day."

Terry Finney